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February 20, 2002


Dear Paulo and Alexandra,

So much time has passed since my first visit to your laboratory on August 27, 2000. It seems like an eternity, given the growth of my knowledge of new physics and so much else since first encountering some of the remarkable experiments and devices that you have shown me. During this time, I have been studying, as much as my time allows, your extraordinary experimentally-based monographs. I hope many more people are doing as much - especially those who claim to be pursuing the frontiers of new energy and new physics. Because I have had two visits to your laboratory since August 2000, I thought it would be a good idea to expand on some of the comments that I made in a Letter of Support to you, dated June 14, 2001, and which you posted on www.aetherometry.com with my permission.

My visit in March 2001 was an especially gracious favor by you, because it allowed two scientific and business colleagues of mine to witness the startling operation of two Aether Motors that were running from energy captured by adjacent ORAC boxes. These were fully self-running motors - that is, no conventional energy source, chemical or electrical, was present. This visit was a fulfillment of your promise to me to allow these colleagues, who had significantly and courageously helped Infinite Energy magazine, to see beyond their immediate experiences of working cold fusion cells. My colleagues were stunned by what they witnessed.

On my last visit (November 15-16, 2001), at which Mr. Uri Soudak was also present, I witnessed some extraordinary new devices. I will describe them below in most general terms, but first let me comment on a significant point in my letter of June 14, 2001. In describing my witnessing of the Aether Motors I wrote: "I have no doubt that you would allow me to open the delicate motor electronics box to examine it fully if I were to visit your laboratory today. However, I do not represent to anyone that I have examined its innards." This examination has now taken place. On my last visit, at my request, you used screwdrivers to remove the plastic covers of all the boxes that could have constituted possible hiding places for secret power supplies. This was merely a pro-forma request for me so that I could testify about it to others. As I expected, there were only conventional electronic components present, no batteries whatsoever, in any of the three boxes that you employed and opened (two of which were identical and only the third absolutely necessary for the motor action).

With that matter cleared up, let me describe the nature of your newly created devices, all of which apparently lend support to your theoretical perspective:

A. A Stirling engine that runs off the thermal anomaly within an orgone accumulator (ORAC): Skeptics will dismiss this as "just solar energy" driving a low-delta-T Stirling engine (the commercially available MM6 device from American Stirling Company), but when one studies what this device actually does, the control experiments, and that it has worked so far for up to seven hours during nighttime (with potential to run a full 24 hours), one realizes that it has to be something as profound as the Sun-sourced aether energy component that you suggest is driving it. Furthermore, as the data in your Aetherometry monograph AS2-05 prove, the heat in such an ORAC is generated from within. It is possible, but not yet certain, that the device could be scaled up into commercially robust devices for utilitarian power generation. You have filed a patent application for this, as you also have for the Aether Motors, which represent conversion of aether energy to electrical energy, which is then transduced with a special conventional electric motor to mechanical work. This Stirling motor experimentation was described in your cover story technical article in Infinite Energy issue #41, which came out last month (January 2002) - "A Modified Orgone Accumulator (HYBORAC) as a Drive for Low Delta-T Stirling Engine." A follow-up article, "A Modified Orgone Accumulator (Complete Hyborac) as a Nighttime Drive for Low Delta-T Stirling Engine", will be in Infinite Energy #42, to come out later in March 2002. When I was at your laboratory, I witnessed the HYBORAC-Stirling motor combination in operation out of doors during daylight. It gave no sign of stopping its brisk spin.

B. Capacitor or battery charger having NO ELECTRIC POWER INPUT (no wall power connection or battery): You showed me a coffee-cup-sized assembly of inert electronic components that were encased in a plastic insulating box. You hooked the two wires coming out of this module up to a large capacitor- the one shown to me was 27,000 microfarad. At start up, the capacitor was discharged and the voltage reading was close to zero millivolts (perhaps a few tens of millivolts, as best as I can recall). The next day, in the morning, we found that it had charged significantly overnight, to approximately two volts. You told me that the speed of charging was dependent on the weather conditions, and that voltage readings much greater than 2 volts have been achieved. If the device is really what it appears to be, this proves that aether energy is creating electrons de novo from what you term ambipolar massfree charge in the aether. There was only one wire that was hooked up to an earth ground - the house plumbing - and another lead went to several square feet of metal plate that was lying on the concrete floor of your ground-level lab space. (You told me that alternatively one could derive the charging energy by using two pipes-of identical metal composition-pushed into the ground at a distance of a few feet from one another.) There is no way that any "environmental electromagnetic energy" could explain this. No electrical engineer or physicist using mainstream theoretical tools could accomplish such an effect without an extensive antenna collecting array to capture "EM energy." This device has no such antenna array. In fact, it is driven from the ground.

This device, if it really is what it appears to be, constitutes an elegant proof that the Earth is indeed soaked in aether energy that can be tapped and converted to massbound electric energy.

C. Aether Field Meter (AFM): As with the battery or capacitor charger described earlier, this device has no internal active power source. It produces a measurable voltage change across two terminals in response to the presence of living organisms (large ones at present, such as human beings), whether in proximity or in contact. In the demonstration that I witnessed, the initial voltage shown by the device as a result of its detection of the average ambient aether field potential was approximately 100 mV, as registered by a separate attached DVM. (The DVM, of course, has its own internal power supply for running its digital display, but this power has nothing to do with the very steady aether field of 100 mV or so as registered on the AFM's terminals.) The device was grounded to house plumbing, and it could detect a person from up to 10-12 feet away. It detected me as I walked toward and away from it. It apparently measures one's aether "draw" - you explained how this detection constituted an electric equivalent of the nonelectric draw of latent heat by the human body that you studied in your AS2-04 Monograph "Electroscopic Demonstration of Reverse Potentials of Energy Flow Able to Draw Kinetic and Electric Energies". As I got closer to the device, the voltage reduced some tens of millivolts. Then in its "near field" capture zone, as I extended my hand and thrust it toward the device's metallic dish "collector," the voltage increased as my hand entered the dish. My hand became instantly palpably warm when thrust into the open collector (metal hemisphere about 12 inches in diameter, connected to the AFM electronics-by only a single wire!). You explained that at this distance from the probe, the meter now detected the ambipolar electric radiation emanating from the body - one's "energy body", as it were. One could also call this the orgone field of the body, because this ambipolar radiation falls within the orgone part of the aether electric spectrum that you intend to reveal very soon. Using another tubular probe in parallel with this collector allowed one to have direct contact with the AFM and directly measure this orgone ambipolar field. Jumping up and down while holding this pencil-thin tube made the AFM signal oscillate accordingly, when the voltage waveform was viewed on an oscillosope.

This appears to be a solid, legitimate device, unlike many "new age" gizmos that claim to measure "life energy" or "the life force". Both myself and Mr. Soudak interacted with the device at length, and I found it absolutely stunning in its ability to measure our presence and minute movements as we approached or receded from it. We discussed some of the potential uses - for example, that it might be developed into an arrayed device that could yield a new type of medical imaging. It is possible that various types of tissue, e.g., cancerous versus non-cancerous, or necrotic tissue, would have detectable field variations. Needless to say, investigating these potentialities could be of great importance.

D. "Perpetuum Mobile" wheel: I fell in love with this wonder, a completely new phenomenon which you have discovered serendipitously in only recent times, and which I understand you are still trying to nail down within the context of aetherometric theory. It is a smallish wheel (light in mass but some inches across) that can be made to spin indefinitely. Sometimes it "changes its mind" and starts spinning in the opposite direction! You have, however, told me more recently that you can stabilize its motion in any preferred direction. When the obvious error sources are ruled out, as you have done, it is clearly producing work against tiny friction forces- it is not just a "frictionless" wheel. There appears to be no possible conventional explanation for this-not air currents, not household currents, etc. When I removed the wheel on its mount from within the metallic/plastic enclosure that had been "pre-treated" electrically, within seconds it would come to a stop! When I put it back in its inert (no power source) chamber, the wheel began to rotate again! You have reported to me that these wheels have now been spinning continuously for months. When I was there it had only been weeks. I look forward to hearing much more about it. And incidentally, I believe that this device has a high market potential as a "Gee whiz, how does that work" sort of thing.

What I experienced in your lab is the Good News- very good news, indeed. I wish that this were a perfect world and that we could all revel in peace about this delicious new insight into how Nature works, but we can't. Yes, airplanes are being crashed into buildings and religions and peoples are warring among themselves. It is a dangerous place to live, in which power and control of others is the esteemed currency. But I am a pragmatic man, in addition to being very interested in philosophy and studying how this homo absurdus species evolved to its present state. We have to live and eat and be safe and that requires income. Above all, one needs money to continue scientific investigations. I am extremely concerned at the moment for the future course of your ability to continue your pioneering work, just as I am concerned about the ability of cold fusion researchers, and colleague workers in "advanced thermodynamics" (pushing against the artificial stops of the infamous "Second Law") to do their important scientific investigations. And if in 1991, in my book Fire from Ice, I took a stand in favor of cold fusion data being overwhelmingly compelling - on the basis of much less evidence (mainly the solid anomalous tritium results) than I have seen from your lab, and from my own measurements, about the Aether and PAGD technologies you have showed me - I am now compelled to state that my concern for the continuation of your work weighs heavily on my mind and present efforts. I know that even within the supposedly open-minded cold fusion community there are critics of my interest and testimonial in your work who think very much like professional skeptics do. Little do both realize that an entirely new physics, e.g. your Aetherometry, which pulls the rug out from under standard Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, may well be required in order to understand the transmutations and energy production that the cold fusion researchers are observing. It is not certain that such new physics will be required, but I think it very likely.

So in this part of this Letter of Support, I hope you will appreciate my speculation about possible paths forward. I am battle-hardened in the new energy wars, especially the one over the cold fusion phenomenon. I think I have learned something of what is and what is not practical. I do not dispense certainties- there are no such things. I just take my best estimate of the situation.

As further background, I must also emphasize to readers of this Letter of Support that I have come to understand in the depth of my soul that both of you are almost exclusively interested in just being able to continue your scientific research. You have been all along self-financed. You care not at all for accumulating great wealth. ALL your effort is aimed at science, not self- aggrandizement, and that is admirable. Certainly you also have the human instinct to be recognized generally for your work, but I have learned that even on this point you care less than most people about that. You certainly do not want people to falsely claim discoveries that you have made first, which is why you are motivated to put up such an excellent scientific web site and have on it testimonial letters such as this one.

I have proposed, together with Uri Soudak - and you have accepted - the concept of setting up a new U.S.-based corporate entity that would draw attention to aetherometry and get many hundreds, if not thousands, of others involved. In addition, this company could incubate and spin off to other companies some of the more complex technologies, such as new aether field meter for medical diagnostics, that might follow from the original prototypes. It would initially be a small company that would sell the four devices that I have described above, as well as conduct explanatory seminars - by you and others you trained - on the aetherometric operation of these devices. The beauty of such a company is that it would come right out of the starting gate with products that are already working, and services to sell! The devices would prove basic principles of the Aether and Aetherometry, in both physical and biological aspects.

In the meantime, I know that your science will proceed wherever you intend to be and I do hope to learn more and more from the study of your monographs. The ones you have recently released concerning Tesla coils are most tantalizing. You demonstrate concretely anomalous findings with these coils, findings which show how close that great man came to liberating free energy for us all. And, you appear to have utterly smashed the conventional understandings of light and other EM radiations. I hope that you will be the key researchers who will redeem Tesla's work, which has been effectively buried now for over a century. I will work tirelessly to help you in any way that I can.

All good wishes,

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
Director, New Energy Research Laboratory


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