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June 22, 2001

The launching of this web site is a celebration for me. I have known the Correas for many years now and am well acquainted with their work. My first encounter with them was while I was deputy for Israel Aircraft Industries' Executive Vice President and CTO. We were at that time searching for new technologies and were in the process of converting a heavily military industry into a more commercial one. The field of Energy seemed to us a good investment and one of the world's imminent needs. I received a detailed proposal from the Correas, presenting their mature invention of the PAGD/ XS-NRG device, which was detailed both in patents and in their literature. Having been exposed to hundreds of inventions and proposals as a part of my daily work, I was surprised at the depth and detail of a device that, according to current physical science, could not possibly be working!

Several months later, my superior retired and I became the Chief Technology Officer of IAI at their headquarters in Ben-Gurion Airport. However, IAI was then entering a difficult financial situation and further investigation into the Correa invention was postponed but not abandoned. As soon as I could, I requested a demonstration and traveled to Toronto to attend it, which turned out to be an exhilarating experience. I told the Correas at that time that I would propose their project for investment by IAI. Two factors were against us however: first, the high risk that was involved in a phenomenon that was not yet backed by a solid theory, and secondly, the fact that IAI was not completely out of its own financial problems - its priorities were set elsewhere. Nevertheless, I thought that a small investment could be made to greatly reduce the risk by a thorough checking of the device at IAI premises. In 1997 however, I decided to leave IAI for several reasons, one of them being the CEO's decision to abandon this route.

Moving to new Executive jobs in North America, I have kept my contact with the Correas, both because I admired their continuous and amazing work, and because of my growing admiration for their talent and wisdom. I see myself as very fortunate indeed in having been able to closely follow the revelations of the new Theory of Synchronicity and the stream of unbelievable experiments and devices that followed. I was part of their joy when the universe unfolded in a pure and simple way to them which permitted the solving of many of the inconsistencies and paradoxes in existing physics. Finally I could understand mass and massless energy in all its forms.

A year ago I witnessed experiments to tap into the unlimited energy surrounding us and into a simple formation of gravity fields. No one on earth has achieved this before!

This is why the launching of this web site is a celebration. It is opening a new era for mankind. An era without energy limits, an era without any transportation limits, an era devoid of need for destruction because there is no limit to prosperity. Paulo and Alexandra Correa, thank you!

Uri Soudak


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