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Pure, Applied and Experimental Research in Aetherometry

The selection of documents represented by the links below provides an overview of the scope and depth of aetherometric research, and a guide for further study:
  1. What is Aetherometry?
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    An extensive article on the fundamental concepts of Aetherometry, its experimental and theoretical foundation, its philosophical connections and technological achievements.
  2. Introduction to Aetherometry
    Source:  Akronos Publishing website
    The rubric "Introduction to Aetherometry" on the Akronos website offers an extensive collection of introductory web materials.
  3. What is Experimental Aetherometry?
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    Experimental Aetherometry encompasses the empirical and analytical investigation of the physical and biophysical properties and interactions of massfree energy. This article identifies the most salient contributions made by published experimental studies in Aetherometry.
  4. Aetherometric Physics (Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity)
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    "The fundamental aetherometric concept is the expanded function of energy. Energy is not simply the potentiality of work, but work seen or unseen, useful or useless, converted or not. The continuous creation of Space across sequential instants of Time is the ontological work of energy, the evidence that a flux of energy has a power and performs sensible work..."
  5. Aetherometric Biology - Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular and Nano Biology
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    "Biophysical research work in Aetherometry is still in its infancy - yet, it has already yielded a new understanding of biological energy fields, of their cellular, molecular and nanometric processes and, specifically, of the biological functions of massfree energy in its electric and nonelectric states..."
  6. Aetherometric Mathematics (Aetherometric Theory)
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    "Aetherometric theory constitutes a new epistemological approach to physical and biological processes with particular application to nanotechnology, energy and lift systems, analytical instrumentation and medicine (diagnostic and clinical uses). The novel methodology can be qualified as a micro-functionalist approach that has developed a new mathematical language - a microfunctional transformative algebra - capable of addressing the physical and mathematical properties of fine-structure 'objects' (energy units and energy interactions or processes)..."
  7. Aetherometric natural laws
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    "Aetherometric theory has generated entirely new, algebraic expressions that provide exact formulations for a wide variety of fundamental constants, laws and processes of physics, such as: the fine-structure constant; Ohm's Law; the Duane-Hunt Law; Planck's Law; the Ideal Gas Law; Aspden's Law of Electrodynamics; the Nernst equation; Gibbs free energy; the impedance of the 'vacuum'; the magnetic permeability of the 'vacuum' (invariant for photons and variable for massfree and massbound charges); the electric energy of electrostatic interactions; entropy; the internal energy function of a system; the total energy of a system..."
  8. Aetherometric constants and units of measurements
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    The power of aetherometric thought is perhaps never more apparent than in the elegant and simple equations it has yielded for many of the fundamental constants and processes of physics. They give a measure of the unique and exact achievements of Aetherometry in decoding the inner functions of Nature.
  9. Aetherometric Natural Philosophy
    Source:  Encyclopedia Nomadica
    "Aetherometric natural philosophy owes its fundamental roots to the thoughts of Baruch Spinoza, Friedrich Nietzsche, Henri Bergson, Wilhelm Reich, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. Reality is a physical multiplicity, a complex multiplicity, not because its substratum is material but because it is energetic. The composition of the physical multiplicity of the Real is the infinite work-process of physical and biological systems of machines. Machines and systems are either closed (mechanisms) or open (or autopoietic)..."
  10. Aetherometric Science publications
    Source:  Akronos Publishing
    Akronos Publishing offers a wealth of books and electronic monographs on Aetherometric Science. Browse, in particular, through the Bookstore section and the ABRI Monographs section of their website.
  11. Ongoing aetherometric research
    Source:  ABRI website
    "Aetherometry is the beginning of an interdisciplinary scientific and technological breakthrough. It has already laid the foundations for a new energy-based understanding of physical and biophysical systems, and created an encompassing experimental platform permitting multiple research forays into a variety of related disciplines. The technological embodiments of Aetherometry are therefore quite varied. They encompass new Power-Generation or Alternative Energy Systems, Lift and Transportation systems, Biophysical Meters and Biological Radiation Detectors, Clinical Products, and Analytical Instrumentation..."


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